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Our world is going through a rough patch now. It should have been a better place. But, it is not! Economies and countries are falling hard. People are losing jobs. We aim to do our humble part by softening the blow and cushioning the fall. Remote work a.k.a work from home has become the trend that is thrown around a lot now. But it isn’t easy that one might expect. We give you guidance and support to use technology the right ways and start working remotely.

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Our mission is to help you build and grow your Career – whether as a fulltime employee, a freelancer, or starting and growing your business. We aim to create a platform for people to connect with each other. Together we stand.

Making technology more personal and meaningful.

Career guidance and networking sites are plentiful out there. But they severely limit your ability to find a decently paying job. Facebook is all but play. Quora is helpful but you won’t get customized solutions for your needs.

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