Chosen Web hosts of Successful Business Owners Revealed

Any serious entrepreneur worth his salt would want his or her web site to be lightning fast and easy to administer. A lot of that depends on the web host that you choose. Here we bring you a roundup of the choice web hosts of some of the successful business owners.

MartinBurt (Founder of Newbie Affiliate Marketer & Designed 4U)

What hosting provider you use and why?

Whether they are customers of my web design business or just someone wanting to build their own website I always recommend Bluehost as a hosting company. The reasons for this are easy, they are very affordable with deals starting from just a few dollars a month.

Their website is simple to use and navigate around and they also offer an easy process to add platforms such as WordPress.

If you do have any issues then they offer incredible support through their live chat, FAQ’s and support desk. Which if you are just starting out is vital as even the simplest tasks can feel like crippling roadblocks. 

I personally have never had any issues with recommending them as they have always proved a solid company that does exactly what they say they will do. 

As a web designer, the last thing you want is customers losing their websites from the internet, with Bluehost I have never had a client be other than satisfied with their service.

What provider gives the best load time and uptime?

As regards to who has the best load time and uptime now that’s a difficult one. Let’s break the question down and tackle load time first. 

Load time on your hosting will all depend on the speed of your companies server. But, remember there are many things that will determine page load time apart from your provider. Using large image files is one of the main reasons that pages load slowly. 

In answer to this part of your question, I would do some research on server speed before buying your hosting. 

The second part is uptime I think most of the good hosting companies are registering uptimes around 98% and above so as long as you look for this figure you will fine. 

I would always recommend Bluehost as they perform well in both these categories and as your site grows they can grow with you so you can concentrate on your business and not your website. 

 Do WordPress recommended hosts give better uptime as well as support services?

WordPress is probably the most popular platform for building and hosting your website. Having visited the WordPress dot org site and seen who they recommend, I would say all the recommendations have excellent uptime and support services.

These hosting sites are some of the best names in the business and would definitely be in the top percentage of companies for both website uptime and great customer services. 

When researching any hosting company uptime is critical as no one wants a website that isn’t seen. I would use a guideline of 98% and above for this metric. 

Also with support services look for companies that have the following in place, a FAQ’s section on their website an integrated live chat facility ideally manned 24/7 and or a support desk where you can contact them anytime. 

They would also have to quick at sorting any issues that arise. 

But, with any company do your own research too, although WordPress would not be recommending companies that fall short in these areas.  

 Daniel Ndukwu (CoFounder of Podreva)

What hosting provider you use and why?

I use more than one because I have quite a few websites. is my favorite because it’s really fast but they’re quite limited in the kind of bandwidth they give you and the number of sites you can host with them. 

The other host I use is web hosting hub, it’s a shared hosting provider with more bandwidth and support for unlimited sites so I use it to host smaller properties that haven’t been built up yet. Websites hosted there aren’t as impacted speedwise as the larger sites I operate.

With that being said, I’m also considering making the move to Mocha Host because over heard good things and have seen independent tests where it blew other providers out of the water. It also doesn’t increase prices after the first year which is a big plus. Other major hosting companies like Bluehost do and if you want to maintain a lower bill, you’ll need to pay for years in advance.

Bram (Freelance SEO, content marketer & side-project enthusiast)

What hosting provider you use and why?

I personally like A2 hosting and have been with them for two years now. They offer great hosting packages, both for resellers and small-time website owners, at affordable rates. Their customer service sometimes takes a little while to reply, but they’ve always come through for me, even when the issues I was facing were caused by my own actions.

Their shared hosting package consistently ranks in the top five hosting providers when it comes to speed when tested, and downtime is almost non-existent. In the past, I’ve used some other hosting providers but they either have extremely poor customers service, or the hosting slows down your sites. Since this wasn’t the case with A2 when I first started using them, they sort of just stuck and now I’ve been a client with them for a long time, and expect to stay with them as long as their services remain of a good quality.


What hosting provider you use and why?

For speed and ease of use, my choice here would be – I am not an affiliate or employee or anything of that nature. But I did move a site from shared hosting in Ireland to Kinsta and the speed of the site was instantly increased. Their support was excellent, to the point where I reviewed them favourably after each support chat I had. There is a choise of server locations and a server cache which you can clear from your WP Admin. There is also a staging server where you can update your site and make changes before pushing them live. The only downside is that they forbid the use of the beloved All in One WP Migration plugin as it falls under the category of backup, which they cater for themselves. I highly recommend Kinsta however, if you have a large or soon-to-be-large WordPress site and you need dedicated hosting and good, personable support.

 Levi J. Paprucci (B2B/B2C Copywriter)

What hosting provider you use and why?

I rely on NameCheap Shared Hosting (Stellar Plus on ) for my copywriting website. It’s serving me well since my website is still new and my traffic is still tiny, while offering unmetered disk space and bandwidth (so, in theory, I have no traffic and website growth limits), 100% uptime and automated backups. I could upgrade to Stellar Business and get to the cloud, but why so when I’m perfectly content with what I have at the moment? I think the best way to choose a hosting provider is to assess your needs first, then buy the option that suits them better. Tiny needs, tiny hosting package. Big traffic and subscribers, big hosting package or even a VPN or managed hosting, anything that can manage the flood of visitors and on-site activity.

For email, I use Gmail and I configured it so it receives and sends emails from my domain-based email addresses. A good compromise, I think.

What provider gives the best load time and uptime?

NameCheap gives me anything from 95 to 100% uptime, although I found it trending toward the full uptime recently. According to QuickSprout ( ), Dreamhost and Media Temple are two among the best uptime hosting providers, with an uptime of 100% and 99.99% respectively, followed by SiteGround and HostGator. As this and several other site management articles recommends, however, the uptime can’t really be “guaranteed” because technical issues are always behind the corner and can’t be foreseen before they happen, so it’s always better to have a CDN to rely on when the issue comes up. Some CDNs like Cloudflare and Jetpack (for WordPress) are available to webmasters free of charge. WPExplorer has a big list here for reference: Another way to improve load time for your website is to keep it secure with a tool like Wordfence and always keep everything (core installation, plugins, addons, etc.) up to date.

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