Quick Answers to Common Freelancing Questions for You

quick answers to common freelancing questions

I’m pretty active on Quora, and a trend I’ve noticed in the Q&A, I realized it’d be helpful to put together a FAQ to answer common freelancing-related questions all in one place. Common freelancing questions answered is the product of that thought.

If you need a complete guide, checkout freelancing 101.

Common freelancing questions answered

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How do I choose a freelancer business that will suit me?

Not yet started freelancing and are thinking of what to pick? Get a pen and a paper. Think about what you are good at, think about your skills and talents. Write down. Now think if there is something people seek your advice. Write them down as well. Now pick one and start building your freelance career.

I have a list of online startup ideas that are in demand in 2020. On a side note, you can take our Career Interest Assessment to find out accurately what career will suit your interest type.

How do I build a freelance business while working full-time?

Don’t wait. Start now. Don’t wait till you have the perfect website, branding, and elevator pitch. Let them evolve along the way.

Start reaching out. Email or ping people in your network of connections. Let people know you’re available for freelance projects (don’t forget to explain what you offer.)

My freelance career started while I was working full-time for HGS: I asked around to see if anyone needed writing services (or if they knew someone who did.) That opened doors I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Because these were my friends and friends of friends, trust was not already there. Isn’t it way more effective than cold pitching? The fact that I was referred pre-validated me to the potential client.

How do you find freelance clients?

1. Use Your Friends and colleagues. It helps if you are one who keeps communication lines open. No matter even if you haven’t been in touch with them. Get on the phone with or WhatsApp your connections to do two things: 1) Tell them that you’re available for freelancing work and looking for opportunities and 2) Check if they or someone else need help in it.

2. Join Opportunity Designer Fellow freelancers are the biggest generatord of referrals. Participate in our club. Build up a network of connections. In fact, FreelancersUnion found that as many as 81% of freelancers refer work to each other, while 52% partner up on projects.

3. Browse Freelancer Platforms. You can’t rely on these much when you are starting. But there are a few worth checking out—but this is the last place I’d suggest looking for freelance gigs. You can waste a lot of time applying for jobs here. Without an existing experience, past client reviews and ranking, it can be tough to land a decent project.

You can find more ways here.

How do I price/quote freelance projects? 

Don’t keep the client guessing what they are going to pay for your services. In brand consultancy, always charge a flat fee for service. Don’t charge by the hour. If you are, you’re sabotaging your business. Also, this takes the guesswork out of the talks.

Are you charging by the hour? or paying other specialists by the hour? I’m here to help you see why you’re sabotaging your own success.

The FREE mini-course Charge Your Worth will help you calculate the key price that you MUST charge to achieve the life & business you want.

How do I handle tough nut clients? 

Yes, there will come a time when you have to face the one tough nut, who insists on paying you less than you deserve. And you have to put your foot down. Explain your pricing. Always base your price on the value you give the potential freelance clients. This is how and why you should do it.

It also helps have a hidden FAQ page detailing common questions around your rates and pricing.

Don’t make these mistakes newbie freelancers make

Tying up too much time, having to over-educate clients, taking up all projects, not specializing the list goes on and on.

How do I manage freelance clients?

You can use a CRM or a basic Google Sheet with fields for the important stuff. You can get a template from our Free Mini Course.

As a new freelancer with no connections whatsoever, how do I grow my network?

Most Important: Grow your network as service-based.

Pick a niche and specialize. Focus your attention to a particular area.

Market yourself. Look for online groups in the chosen niche – Slack groups, Twitter chats, Facebook groups, etc., where your potential clients and other freelancers hang out. Talk to them. Work on establishing yourself as at least knowledgeable in those established groups.

Follow experts in your field. Every niche has smart, established people. Follow them. Be friendly and helpful to them. Comment on the things they’re sharing and join in their discussions.

Find a mentor. Find someone more senior and experienced in your niche who may be willing to mentor you. Mentoring is a win-win for both you and the mentor. You get to see how they work, what gets them hired, so on.

Join podcasts authority sites, expert round-ups and interviews to show your expertise. People will start to remember your name and face, and you may even get poached from these places for potential gigs.

More on this later.

Some skills that will help you develop your career

  • Keep your words
  • Follow up
  • Be nice to people
  • Learn to make friends
  • Get active on Twitter
  • Handwritten thank you notes
  • Be confident in your abilities
  • Develop businbusiness skills
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