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Opportunity Designer is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs. It is for people who dare to be different. It is like a mix of Facebook, Quora and LinkedIn for the doers. It is owned and operated by Non-Profit organization Panakal’s Trust.

Opportunity Designer is for writers, editors, proof readers, designers, artists, teachers, students, and anyone who wants to freelance.

Right now you can find work in the categories: Writing, editing & proof-reading, marketing, Graphic Design & Content creation. We are working to add more categories so please reach out if you can’t find what you are looking for.

There are scores of other freelancer sites, but they severely limit freelancers’ ability to find work that pays decent. Below is a screenshot of the total number of freelancers on a famous freelancer site and the number of freelancers who have earner anything. That figure is depressing. It is very difficult for freelancers to work alone. That is why we built Opportunity Designer to give control to the freelancers.
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Use Opportunity Designer to grow your career. Build your professional network. Invite the people you work with to join Opportunity Designer with you. The more the merrier. Connect with exciting startups. Build your reputation and find answers for your most pressing questions in the Q&A.

 No one in this world works or grows alone. We grow more when we work as a team. That is why we give you the opportunity to invite the people that you work with and would recommend confidently to join Opportunity Designer.
Moreover Opportunity Designer has a zero commission policy. You keep the money what you make on Opportunity Designer.

Joining is absolutely free. Just go to this page and sign up.

 To get the paid services for free, you can use “Points” to pay for premium services.

You can earn Dollars for actions on the site. You earn when you register on Opportunity Designer; daily visits, logging in, asking questions and giving answers in QnA; rating as well as commenting on blog posts as well as answers in Q&A on Opportunity Designer

Opportunity Designer’s zero commission policy means you keep the money that you make on Opportunity Designer. There is no commission.
But we had to cancel it. To provide you with the best possible experience on the site, we have to spend a lot. Because we can’t afford such hefty prices, we are charging a 5% commission from freelancers and 10% from the employer.

We are currently allowing a group of select companies to try out Opportunity Designer. Please feel free to contact us.


You may register on Opportunity Designer by going to the registration page. Freelancers and Employers please register with your LinkedIn account. This is for internal verification purposes. If, your LinkedIn account is not verified, we will not approve your account.

For account related queries, please raise a ticket by emailing care@opportunitydesigner.com.

If you need support for payment related information please contact payment@ opportunitydesigner.com