The Passion of Doyens

If there is one thing common to highly successful people, it is that they have all lived/ are living their life with passion.

It is true across the spectrum. No matter what field you think of. Those that have attained the most are passionate about what they do.

They follow their heart. Their passion is reflected in everything they do. How do they do that?

They do things that they are passionate about. Even their work is their passion.


I believe you and I must focus on finding and then doing things we are passionate about to be successful. Find your passion.

Hmm what? You’ve heard this before.

Yes, I know, we are told to “Follow your Passion”, ” find work that you love to do”. But, no one shows us how.

Are we to sit around waiting for inspiration to hit our head like Thor’s hammer?!

Absolutely not! That is called being passive. No we are going to be proactive. We are going to find it.

Today we start a 30 part series on finding your passion. Are you ready to take the leap – to stop dreaming and take action?

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